TGB's Extended Family

Over the past few months, we have had the pleasure of meeting new people or reconnecting with those we have known for many years. Some were while we were delivering meat or presenting at conferences and workshops. Whatever the reason, we feel that each of you have become a part of our common interest extended family.

So this newsletter is dedicated to each of you, Tall Grass Bison's extended family. We have always promoted that buffalo, and other herd animals, need to live in their extended families to be truly happy and stress free. We too need this in our lives. We feel we have achieved some of that by surrounding ourselves with people like you of like mind.

If we did not get a chance to take a picture of you in one of our many trips (e.g., Denver, Omaha, Iowa City, Kansas City, etc.) we would love for you to send us a photo of yourselves, perhaps even while enjoying our buffalo meat. Or take a trip and come out to see the buffalo herd. You are all welcome.

Bob, Susan and Scott
641-874-5794 (home)


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