About Us


Tall Grass Bison started with 3 bison calves in 1976 on our northern Iowa family diversified farm to now having 4-5 well structured, extended families, totaling 250-300 bison on 700 acres of converted crop ground and Iowa native oak savanna prairie in the rolling hills of Southern Iowa. We raise bison, but we believe the principles of extended family, social order management can be utilized for any grazing “herd” or “flock” animal. We also believe all domesticated herds can be raised with nature’s evolutionary need for social structure in species. The ability to form up the support systems and roles for every family member are still there just below the surface. And by managing for social order herds we can obtain the production, unparalleled efficiency of nature and highest ethical animal care standards….all while maintaining a higher level of ecological sustainability.

We believe Tall Grass Bison provides a chance to “discover” something every indigenous hunter-gatherer took for granted…that humans, herds and flocks have the same social order infrastructure and that an individual is only a part of the whole.


Bob Jackson, Owner & Founder

Bob is the originator of herd social order management and founded Tall Grass Bison in 1982. His revolutionary ideas come from his 30+ years as a backcountry ranger in the remote par ts of Yellowstone National Park.

Scott Jackson, Owner/Farm Manager

Scott’s dedication to the day to day operations of Tall Grass Bison goes well beyond his degree in history! His mechanical talents and system solving abilities ensures the integrity of the farm and all its working parts.

Sunny Jackson, Owner/Marketing and New Project Development

Sunny’s talents are wide ranging and she contributes to Tall Grass Bison through marketing and new project developments that enhance the Tall Grass Bison brand and business.